Toasted Lupin of Anterivo


A herb tea, a mix of one grappa of Trentino and one species of lupin cultivated in Anterivo, a small village in South-Tyrol situated at 1200 metres above sea level.

This species is named “Caffè di Anterivo”. It’s a rare and prestigious local delicatessen both from a botanical point of view and for its traditional culture. At the beginning, it was used as surrogate of the imported coffee, cultivated by only a few farmers.

Plant known as “Sweet lupin of Anterivo”, it can be also 1,20 metres tall. It has blue flowers, yellow seeds and its pods seems like velvet to the touch. Its toasted powder tastes like hazelnut. During the infusion, its flavour curiously seems like mellow and lingering chocolate, with aftertaste of coffee.